The Farewell Tour | Williamsons Are On The Move

Hello Again!

We have some newsy news for all our friends and fam, far and wide! After 6 years in Seoul for Ross, 3 years in Seoul for Abby, the Williamsons will be moving come June! What a bittersweet time it is, leaving some amazing humans we have come to call family while also looking forward to what the Lord has ahead.

Ross and I have both traveled and lived in many places and we have been both the leavers and the left-behind at different points. In some ways, it is easier to be the leaver than one of those left-behind when good friends go. While this may be true, it doesn’t make it any easier for these leavers right now as we begin saying farewells to people we have cried with, celebrated with, and grown up with as a couple. These years in Seoul have shaped us tremendously and we have learned so much from our family here. You surely go with us as we go!


What’s that you say? You want to know what the plan is next? Oh man, I’m so glad you asked, because we’ve got ants in our pants, ready to share this next season with you. While more details are to come, we can share with you now that we are starting to take steps toward a dream that’s been cooking for a number of years now.

As many of you know, our eyes and hearts have been on the country of Nepal for some time. In fact, for Ross, it is one of many homes as he spent some childhood years there. Our trip two summers ago (see Moving Voices | Nepal Trip Update ) was a dream-casting trip where we were able to have conversations with a few different organizations, including the Kathmandu International Study Centre ( KISC Home ), which is home to a program called EQUIP. EQUIP works with teachers, students, parents, and school committees in areas of creative thinking and real-world problem solving to be advocates and sparks in their communities. They believe and encourage that everyone has an important role to play towards improving education in Nepal. We LOVE what they are doing and we cannot help but see the obvious – these goals are OUR goals.

photo 3 copy 2

Back it up, back it up. A few years ago, Ross and I had a conversation where we discussed and wrote out what our mission and vision was as a couple. Guess what we wrote down? I kid you not.

“We feel called to collaborate with and empower individuals through mentorship and education to be contributing members in their communities.”

For us, this happens in a variety of ways. For me, it’s through teaching the arts while for Ross it’s through working with students and teachers on creative problem-solving. Either way, as a couple we LOVE this kind of work and are dedicated to serving in this way for the long haul.

photo 3 copy 3

Interestingly, much of this is what Ross is focusing on for his thesis he is currently working on. The PROCESS of problem-solving: encouraging students and teachers to think, analyze and reflect on where they are and where they are going–both individually and as a community. But that’s for another day and another post.

As I said, more details will be coming soon on exactly what and when this is all happening, but we want to keep you all in the know as we start this journey. We absolutely covet your prayers as we step out in faith on a new and scary road. But if it’s not at least a little scary, then maybe it’s not worth doing at all eh?

So. Long story very short. In June, Ross and I will be moving back to the United States for a time to continue the process of raising partnerships to support us and stand with us as we transition to that place that has long been on our hearts and minds…NEPAL.

photo 1 copy 2IMG_9382photo 5 copy 2


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