Give em’ some love: Forgotten Fotos of 2015

Nostalgia kicked in, as it does at the beginning of a new year, and I found myself looking through old photos on my phone. I realized just how many photos I have that were never posted or used. Each of them are little windows into the last year, and I decided it was time to show them a little love!

So, without further ado, here is 2015 in forgotten phone photos. Between travels, dancing, biking, teaching, and family near and far, it’s been quite a year. Hats off to you, 2015. You were good to us.

And hello to you, 2016! We are full of expectation and hope for what you’ll bring.

Vietnam | January 2015


Korea Hike | 2015

photo 4 (1)


Yongsan International School of Seoul | 2015


Hong Kong | March 2015


Nepal | June 2015

photo 5 copy 2



Korea | 2015



Muido Island, Korea | August 2015


Singapore | October 2015


Jeju Island, Korea | November 2015




Suncheon Bay, Korea | November 2015


North Carolina + Oklahoma, USA | December 2015



1st Anniversary | July 26 2015

photo 2 copy 5







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