Williamsons in Vietnam | Part 1

Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

Yes, yes it has been 2 months since we got back from Winter Break and I am just now getting around to posting photos. Whoops. We are now much closer to Spring Break than Winter Break.

Vietnam…a country filled with motorbikes (like literally FILLED with motorbikes), noodles, strong coffee with condensed milk, propaganda posters for foreigners to buy (wait, what?), and a people determined to move forward, even in the face of horrific loss. We were inspired by the spirit of the Vietnamese, who fought for a unified country and continue to show amazing courage and strength of character.

Here are a few shots from Hanoi, the first stop on our journey:

It was so good to have time with the ever-lovely Anya!


Kris threw caution to the wind and got a street-side haircut, which was fondly referred to for the rest of the trip as his “commie-cut”.


Next, we made our way to Ha Long Bay which we later learned translates to “Descending Dragon.” This place was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, despite the droves of tourists. So mysterious with all its foggy islands rising out of the water. We spent the night on one of the “junker boats” before making our way back to Hanoi.

 One of my personal highlights was kayaking at sunset along these gorgeous rock formations.

In Vietnam, you have to be ready for two things. 1. The motorbikes. Crossing the street is an art form. 2. Being a tourist. There are exceptions, but for the most part Vietnam is very good at tourism…to the point where you just have to accept it and go along for the ride.

Check back in a few days for photos from Hue, Saigon, and Phu Quoc. Thanks for stopping by!



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